TalkMobile for Windows Mobile User's Manual

1. System Requirement

  • OS Supported : Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1/6.5
  • CPU : 200 MHz ARM-type CPU,
  • Memory : 64MB Memory
  • Space : 1000 KB
  • Internet Connectivity: Wi-Fi/GPRS/EDGE/3G


2. Account Information

If you use iTOP card, you can use Serial Number as username and the 14 digits PIN number as password to login and register your TalkMobile.

  • UserName = SerialNo
  • Password = PIN


3. Download and Install TalkMobile

  • Note: Before you download, make sure your device is connected to internet.

3.2. TalkMobile will automatically be installed on your device. Click "Yes" to confirm.

  • Now TalkMobile has been successfully installed and is ready to use
  • To start the program, go to Start --> Programs,select "TalkMobile"

4. TalkMobile Account Setup

  • Open the application, then enter Username and password
  • Tick "Save Login Information" then press "Login" button
4.2/ After logged in, the dial pad will appear with status "Registered"


5. Placing Call

  • Press the desired number through Dial Pad, then press "Dial" button (Dial: Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number).
  • When the call is in progress it displays "Ringing at" and when the call is connected it displays "Connected".

To end the call, press "Hang-up" button. The call will be ended with called duration displayed and the status will become "Disconnected".