Creating Free iTunes Account

1. On the desktop menu of your iPhone or iPad, you can see one icon named App Store. Tap App Store to open.

2. Tap on Search.

3. Type a free application, for example we search one app named "talkonline", then it will show us the icon of "TalkOnline SIP Client" with Free button.

4. Select the application. Then tap on the Free button.

5. Tap on Install button.

6. You will be asked to sign in by: Use Existing Apple ID or Create New Apple ID. Please tap on Create New Apple ID.

7. Keep option Store as "United States", then tap on Next.

8. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

9. Tap on Agree button.

10. Tap on Agree button again.

11. Fill in your email address as your Apple ID and password with at least one lower case, one upper case and a number (8 characters in total), same password in Verify field.

12. Type your prefer question to identify if you forget your password, as shown below, and fill in your date of birth.

13. If you want any news or letter from iTunes just enable 2 options below, but if not just turn it Off and then tap on Next button.

14. Visa option is default selected, so we need to change it to None.

15. When tap on Visa, the following screen appears. Select None then tap Done.

16. After selecting Credit Card to None, no need to fill in the Code field, just leave it blank.

17. Fill in all fields as below, especially the 5 digits of Zip code.

18. Also fill in the 10 digits of Phone Number then tap on Next button.

19. This is the last screen that shows the Email Verification. At this step you need to login to your email to check and confirm in order to activate your new iTunes account.

20. In your email you will receive one Verification Email as below. Then click to open it.

21. This email requires you to click on Verify Now > to finalize your new iTunes account creation.

22. After clicking on Verify Now >, you will be redirect to apple web page and let you type in the username and password that you created in App Store, and click on Verify Address.

23. Then you will see Email address verified which means the email verification is completed.

24. Now, get back to your iTunes account creation page on your device and click Done button.

25. Then you are back to the iTunes sign in page. Now click on Use Existing Apple ID.

26. Sign in with the username and password that you've just created and enjoy downloading free applications from App Store with your new iTunes account.