Press Release Phnom Penh, Friday 26th August 2013

BarCamp Kampongcham 2013 August 24-25, 2013


On August 24-25, 2013, ONLINE proudly joined BarCamp Kampongcham as a gold sponsor for this 2-day international technology conference. In the start-up session, Mr. Toun Dalis Marketing Manager of ONLINE expressed his honor to be one of the main sponsors to this workshop and pointed out ONLINE’s willingness to long -term support Barcamp as well as other educational events. The main reason inspiring ONLINE to continue their sponsoring was that ONLINE strongly believed that Cambodian students would be guided to various opportunities by connecting themselves to people around them. He also stated about his excitement to see many students not only based in Kampongcham but also those who came from other provinces to join this beneficial event. He wished that those students would carry back the new idea and knowledge they pack up from the presenters to share to their friends.

Back to the background of BarCamp Kampongcham 2013, it was clear that the event was made for everyone. Participants were allowed to design their own agenda of what to share and what they were interested to attend. The occasion was held in the main term of exchanging knowlegde and idea from computer enthusiasts, young IT professionals together with rich experience people from various sectors.

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